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Dear Patients, please be aware that we are doing everything within our control to provide the covid vaccinations to our patients in line with Government and NHS guidance and time frames. GP surgeries have already commenced the vaccination programmes for the Pfizer Biontech vaccine and Chiltern House Medical Centre are hopefully due to commence vaccinating the over 80s cohort with this vaccine within the next 1-2 weeks.  This is the timeframe that we have been allocated and it was not within our control to have sped up this process.

The media is reporting that GP practices are now rolling out the Oxford Astra Zenica vaccine.  Where this may be the case in some parts of the country, we have yet to receive any of this vaccine but will hopefully do so in the coming weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: The vaccine will be available to our patients as per the Government and NHS guidelines of who should receive it first.   Please see this link for further information on this:


THEREFORE, we would ask that you please be patient and be assured that as and when the vaccines become more readily available for us to use, patients will be contacted and called forward for their vaccine in accordance with the priority lists on the government website.  Please do not call the practice asking for the vaccine – we will call you.

Thank you

Practice Manager

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